“An old god has come to claim the ruins of earth. Blood and bronze are his colors. The grinning skull is his sigil. Murder is his sacrament. Those who know his name tremble in fear. Those that hear his laughter meet death itself. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!” This one off is available now! This is the first in a series of 4 inspired by the Chaos Gods of Warhammer fame!



As the wretched remnants of humanity cling to the ruins of the past they find themselves besieged. Hunger, sickness, and the very earth itself conspire to wipe out the last traces of mankind. They won’t get the chance, MUTOIDS ARE GOING TO FINISH THEM FIRST!

Former leader of the Cyclops Dogs, Spiderbiter was spared the awful fate of his gang and forced to swear fealty to a new master, Exhimus the Usurper, in exchange for his life.


4.5 inches tall!
Comes with laser pistol!
3 points of magnetic articulation!!
Re-sealable blister!


Resin toy hand sculpted, cast, and painted by Grim Dork.

MUTOIDS: Mutant Enemy SPIDERBITER by Grim Dork


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